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7 Vital Tips

There are 7 vital tips you must consider when hiring a roofing contractor and filing insurance claims.

  1. DO NOT sign a contract after initial contact. Do your due diligence which includes getting additional estimates.
  2.  When making insurance claims, write down the date and time of storm, take pictures and video, and note the size of hail stone with measuring tape to show size.
  3. Take time to do your research when finding a quality contractor.
  4. Then contact your insurance agent who will direct you to get an estimate.
  5. If there’s evidence of storm damage, YOU must hire the roofing contractor.
  6. You chose a roofing pro that you feel is qualified and will do the best job.
  7. Once the roofing professional has completed the project, the insurance company will pay for work minus your deductible.

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